Grip WP Tire

Grip WPOverview

The Antares Grip WP is an affordable studless winter tire available in a wide array of sizes for both passenger and LT vehicles. All Antares tires are covered by the Antares Advantage 5-year Manufacturer Limited Warranty Plan.

Features of the Antares Grip WP Studless Winter Tire

The Grip WP comes with an inclined grove design to improve the overall performance of wet braking, driving comfort and enhanced snow and ice traction. The serrated edges help cut down noise, while the curved steel plate design enhances high-speed driving.

Antares design with the Grip WP also assists when it comes to keeping the tires clean, as it is engineered to reduce the chance of snow, ice, sand and dirt building up. Handling your vehicle with Grip WP tires will also be noticeable as the serrated edges and shoulder ribs play a large part in the excellent handling performance.

Choosing the Antares Grip WP Studless Winter Tire

The Antares Grip WP offers many benefits for winter drivers including enhanced snow and ice traction, driving comfort, and excellent handling performance.