Comfort A5 Tire

Comfort A5Overview

The Antares Comfort A5 is an all-season tire designed for a variety of SUVs, crossovers and minivan vehicles and is available in many sizes from 15-20 inch. All Antares tires are covered by the Antares Advantage 5-year Manufacturer Limited Warranty Plan.

Features of the Antares Comfort A5 All-Season Tire

The Comfort A5 comes with additional sipes and deeper circular grooves, helping improve grip on wet roads and reducing the risk of hydroplaning. Four large longitudinal groove designs that are in a “Z” type design work to rapidly drain water while not sacrificing performance.

The tire’s asymmetrical tread is highly responsive, which translates to a very smooth and comfortable ride. This, combined with the shoulder pattern block, ensures the tire travels evenly on the road, helping combat tread wear.

Choosing the Antares Comfort A5 All-Season Tire

The Antares Comfort A5 was made for drivers seeking precise handling and comfort, while also having confidence in wet traction and excellent performance.