An-Locus 01 Tire

An-Locus 01Overview

The Antares An-Locus 01 is an affordable high-performance all-season tire that derives from Antares’ sports control design. The tire was designed for passenger vehicles and comes in a variety of sizes. All Antares tires are covered by the Antares Advantage 5-year Manufacturer Limited Warranty Plan.

Features of the Antares An-Locus 01 All-Season Tire

The An-Locus 01 features four wide longitudinal drainage grooves that work to drain water more quickly, allowing the tires to penetrate the water film at high speed, in turn giving excellent wetland drainage performance.

This asymmetrical tread pattern helps provide excellent handling performance and increases grip on the road in both dry and wet conditions. Due to this, along with the four longitudinal grooves and several horizontal grooves, the risk of hydroplaning is greatly reduced. This tire also features multi-pitch block distribution, which works to create a quieter drive.

Choosing the Antares An-Locus 01 All-Season Tire

When selecting the Antares An-Locus 01, you will receive an affordable high-performance tire that provides stable handling performance, dry and wet grip, and a quieter ride.