The Antares Polymax 4S is an affordable All-Weather tire that is available in a variety of sizes for both passenger and LT vehicles. All Antares tires are covered by the Antares Advantage 5-year Manufacturer Limited Warranty Plan.

Features of the Antares Polymax 4S All-Weather Tire

The Polymax 4S includes a four-season tire formula that was specifically developed for drivers who take on four-season conditions like snowy/wintery roads. This same formula also improves the breaking performance when navigating either dry or wet roads and helps cut down tire noise.

Antares Polymax 4S also offers a unique tread design where the middle portion reduces the hardness of the entire tread, while the large blocks on the shoulders enhance the larger contact area with the road surface.

Choosing the Antares Polymax 4S All-Weather Tire

The Antares Polymax 4Swill offer your vehicle a versatile tire that will help you navigate wintery conditions. The most prominent benefits include winter snow performance, improved breaking in dry and wet conditions and a quiet ride.