Ingens A1 Tire

Ingens A1


The Antares Ingens A1 is an affordable all-season high-performance tire designed for a variety of coupe, sedan and minivan vehicles and is available in a large number of 13–19-inch sizes. All Antares tires are covered by the Antares Advantage 5-year Manufacturer Limited Warranty Plan.

Features of the Antares Ingens A1 All-Season Tire

The Ingens A1 has a unique tread design, which offers excellent traction in both dry and wet conditions. Specifically, the wide straight line groove design provides excellent handling performance while driving at high speeds. While the four wide central pattern grooves work to improve both drainage performance and skid resistance.

This tire also features a resistant rubber not only improving the life and durability of the tire, but also decreasing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions from the vehicle, in turn making the tire more environmentally friendly.

Choosing the Antares Ingens A1 All-Season Tire

If you are in the market for a tire that provides excellent performance at a lower cost, the Antares Ingens A1 may be the affordable performance solution for you.